Administrator Tech Tools: Documenting using Google

I (Melanie) absolutely love technology (Megan does too). I am constantly trying to learn what the new app or technology there is out there. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely still love old fashioned paper and pen when it comes to daily tasks but if I can find something that can help me to be effective and makes my job a little easier, I am all for it!!

In our district, assistant principals have the amazing opportunity to share an idea each month at the Principal's meetings. A few months ago, I was so excited to have the chance to share some of the technology tools that I use each day as an administrator. I think all of the tools below can be used in any position and you can adjust to make it work for you.This post will focus on documenting using Google. Each post in this "series" will highlight a different tech tool.

When I was a counselor, documentation was a huge part of my job and I find it even more so as an administrator. I wanted to be able to use something that was accessible whether I was talking to a student in the hallway or in my office. Our district recently went all Google (which is so exciting), so I began using a Google form so that I can simply click, type, and submit and I have all of the information I need. The information then goes to a Google sheet where I can sort by name, date, reason for visit, etc. You can customize the form to what you need. Below is an example of what the form I created this year looks like.

You can go to responses on your google drive for your form and it will display all of the data! It has been very helpful when we need to look at a date we spoke with a student or if we need to collect data on how many discipline visits we have over a certain time span. Here is an example of what the Google sheet will look like. Our actual one has hundreds of responses but this is a representation.

You can sort data by student last name, grade, or date. The possibilities truly are endless in what you can do with this. One of the things I LOVE about using this tool is that you can email yourself the link of your Google form and save it to your home screen on your phone. It displays as if it is an app so when you click on it you can enter the information and submit! This is extremely helpful when I am walking around or helping a student in the hall because I remember to document my visit with them right then and there!!

I hope this is helpful and it is something you can easily begin using. If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to leave a comment below!


  1. Help! How Can I download this or do I create my own??

  2. I enjoyed your post. Have you tried Google class? You can go further with documenting the students. One example is teachers can input the time a student left the class to go somewhere and if stopped by administration, the administrator can pull up Google class on the phone to see if the student is telling the truth by seeing how long the student has been in the hallway or what class he or she should be in. It's a lot like your doing now with Google forms.

  3. This looks great. Would you be willing to give us instructions to help us recreate this for our own use? Thank you for sharing your great ideas!